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The Geek Joy Podcast, born in January 2016, is a place to talk about all the things that bring us joy, and some of the things that get in the way. Software, art, technology, empathy, fun hobbies, mindfulness... lots of interesting topics and people! It comes out Sunday.
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Feb 8, 2016

Episode 4
You've only got so many heartbeats.

With Leon Gersing of Dev Bootcamp


Leon Gersing @rubybuddha

Alex Harms @onealexharms

Jason Felice @eraserhd

Tracy Harms @kaleidic


  • 6:54 "When... Neo goes into the matrix and starts to move all the walls and stuff around, we're both going 'oh God, that's terrible," but we're also going "Yessss!"
  • 9:03 "You only got so many heartbeats, so you really gotta get to the meat of your life."
  • 11:46 "And I felt like I had to be somebody else..."
  • 28:39 "People want to see the path and be able to walk it and know exactly what signposts they're gonna hit... That's not life! That's not how it works, y'all."
  • 33:12 On mentors: "Jim Holmes... when I was most confused, he offered a lot of great advice... Jim Weirich was a wonderful beacon of light."
  • 36:10 "Suzan Bond... every time we talk, it's like another light bulb goes off."
  • 36:38 "I'm looking for other artists. I want to vibe with them... I want to hear their thoughts and see their work, and show them my work. And hopefully that evolves us forward."


Jim Weirich, God Wrote in Lisp Code